Sansa lowered her head. “The blood frightened me.”

"The blood is the seal of your womanhood. Lady Catelyn might have prepared you. You’ve had your first flowering, no more."

Sansa had never felt less flowery. “My lady mother told me, but I … I thought it would be different.”

"Different how?"

"I don’t know. Less … less messy, and more magical."

Queen Cersei laughed. “Wait until you birth a child, Sansa. A woman’s life is nine parts mess to one part magic, you’ll learn that soon enough … and the parts that look like magic often turn out to be messiest of all.”

                    - A Clash of Kings, Chapter 52, Sansa

Jeyne Poole wept so hysterically that Septa Mordane finally took her off to regain her composure, but Sansa sat with her hands folded in her lap, watching with a strange fascination. She had never seen a man die before. She ought to be crying too, she thought, but the tears would not come. Perhaps she had used up all her tears for Lady and Bran. It would be different if it had been Jory or Ser Rodrik or Father, she told herself. The young knight in the blue cloak was nothing to her, some stranger from the Vale of Arryn whose name she had forgotten as soon as she heard it. And now the world would forget his name too, Sansa realized; there would be no songs sung for him. That was sad.

                       - A Game of Thrones, Chapter 30, Sansa